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Rock Notes - Renee Lee Fisher

As I sit here, still a little emotional, having just finished reading rock notes, my mind scrambles to say what I thought of this book...... Honestly, feelings would be more appropriate. From the very first, to the very last page i've felt like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions.
Meet Max Rand, band member of Rolling Isaac's, aka rand to his friends, max to his fans and Madison Tierney aka maddy, ex columnist turned freelance creative writer.
From the start rock notes grabs at you, pulling you within the pages, you just want to keep reading.
It's full of laughs - I think I smiled on almost every page, Emotionally gripping - loss, heartache, music, success, friendship, doubt, but most of all it has love, beautifully, imperfectly, sweet love.
Best line, to me was " Madison you're now my secret musical note"
The "notes" throughout the book were a brilliant personal touch, I loved the raw heartfelt emotion in them.
This book tugs at the heart in more ways than one, be prepared to feel a little emotional.
As an added personal touch max wrote the lyrics to a few of his songs, the best one? .... "My Empty Heart" it almost made me cry and i can only describe it as beautiful.
I loved the suprises, some were much hoped for, others a definite suprise.
Renee Lee Fisher, Rock Notes rocked! Not just for the music you feel while reading this book, but for the love, the friendships, for overcoming the past and looking to the future. I can't wait to read the next book in this series!!